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Goals for 2009-2011

  • To achieve a 25 percent yearly increase in the number of children and adolescents rescued from child labor. Going into 2009, the aim is to provide 120,000 young people with comprehensive protection.
  • To open a line of exploration of specific actions that could have a high transformational impact. For example, eliminating child labor completely in certain areas and aggressive methods in specific areas, obtaining high-level institutional agreements to promote interventions with economies of scale and impact multipliers, etc.
  • To reach the mark of 600 Fundación Telefónica Classrooms installed in the region, 275 of them in 2009.
  • To benefit more than 275,000 more children and adolescents (aside from those with comprehensive protection), 127,500 of them in 2009, through socio-educational intervention.
  • To make the EducaRed Channel of Proniño Educador the leading portal of the region.
  • To increase the amount of external resources allotted to the program and to undertake new activities (quality, innovation) based on new alliances.
  • Intensive operations with the new matrix of indicators that measure processes, results and impact.
  • To promote decentralization of the program’s management.
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