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In Colombia, Fundación Telefónica participates in the first festival entitled “Playing Games as a Cognitive Element

Eradication of child labour Formation Colombia

The aim of the festival was to provide the children assisted by Proniño with a space to have fun, learn and build up their self-esteem using games and various recreational activities.

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140 hours against child labour

Eradication of child labour Supportive actions Colombia

Fundación Telefónica Colombia and the Festival 140 Caracteres have handed out the awards to the winners of the "140 Hours Against Child Labour" contest, an initiative aimed primarily at raising awareness about child labour in order to eradicate it.

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Telefónica presents a methodological guide against child labour in New York

Eradication of child labour Publications Colombia

Telefónica has presented a new guide for the United Nations Global Compact, published by Movistar and Fundación Telefónica Colombia, to help companies assess and deal with the impact of child labour in their activities.

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Hundreds of kites and tweets against child labour in Colombia

Eradication of child labour Supportive actions Colombia

Since its release, over 2000 people have downloaded the “Yo Digo Aquí Estoy (I say here I am)” application, thanks to which over 2,500 cases of child and teenage labourers have been reported in 2012.

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Fundación Telefónica Colombia receives a Silver Lion in the Festival de Cannes Lions for its campaign “Yo digo aquí estoy (I say here I am)”

Eradication of child labour Awards Colombia

The campaign “Yo digo aquí estoy” aimed at denouncing cases of child labour in Colombia received a Silver Lion in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, in the charity/non-profit category.

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Members of Fundación Telefónica’s Youth Network take part in the Campus Party Colombia 2012

Youth Formation Colombia

Two Colombian members of our youth network were selected to take part in the event and share their experiences on the social networks.

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One of the members of Fundación Telefónica’s Colombia Youth Programme records a song with Doctor Krapula, a rock band.

Youth Supportive actions Colombia

Edgar Rodríguez, who is taking part in Fundación Telefónica’s Colombia Youth Programme has seen one of his wildest dreams come true: to record a song in a professional studio with one of the most popular rock bands in Colombia: Doctor Krapula.

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Community support and international exchange at the 1st International Youth Convention in Colombia

Youth Congress Colombia

37 members of the Jóvenes Fundación Telefónica programme learnt youth volunteering and leadership skills, visited a community in the Atlantic and shared their experiences with young people from all over the world

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Fundación Telefónica organises in Colombia the International Meeting on In-Hospital Education

Fundación Telefónica Colombia

Fundación Telefónica has 55 Medical Classrooms in Latin America in four countries, which have benefited over 20,000 hospitalised children

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Helping to build the country, the challenge of young Colombians

Youth Colombia

Colombian youths are taking on the challenge of contributing to the development of their country, especially those that are part of Jóvenes Fundación Telefónica Programme.

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