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Education & ICT Congress Spain

ICT lessons at schools in Castile and León are put to the test in a seminar hosted in Valladolid

The workshop “New Information and Communication Technologies in Education in Castile and León”, organised by Santillana, Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Universidades, took place at the Department of Education of Castile and León, in Valladolid


Valladolid, 24 October 2012.-Learning about and assessing global progress in the application of ICTs, as well as identifying relevant experiences, based on their innovation and educational impact, were the targets of the seminar "Educational use of Information and Communication Technologies" organised by Fundación Universidades Castilla y León, Santillana and Fundación Telefónica, and hosted at the headquarters of the Department of Education of the Regional Government of Castile and León, in Valladolid.

Juan José Mateos, Minister of Education of Castile and León, delivered the opening speech of the seminar, entitled "Situation and Review of the use of ICTs in the Education System of Castile and León". He was followed by Mariano Jabonero, director of Institutional Relations of Santillana, who offered some data on the use of ICTs worldwide, and Joan Cruz, Director of Territorial Coordination of Fundación Telefónica, who focused on the status of digital implementation in our country. Other participants included representatives from the Ministry of National Education of Colombia, and from the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia and Galicia, who shared their experiences on the subject, as well as officials and experts from all provinces of the region, public and private schools, universities, and an ensemble of specialists and professionals.


A conference on innovation in education and the use of ICTs in schools

In his address, Joan Cruz, director of Territorial Coordination of Fundación Telefónica and the Escuelas Amigas project, reflected on Fundación Telefónica's commitment to facilitating access to knowledge, improving educational quality, and promoting experimentation in the field of ICTs as the basis for the new education of the 21st century. He also remarked on Fundación Telefónica's Escuelas Amigas project, which seeks to strengthen ties and foster cultural exchange between students in Spain and Latin America over the Internet, where students, teachers and Telefónica volunteers - who act as catalysts of the activities - play the leading roles. The fundamental premise of the Escuelas Amigas initiative is the use of ICTs in learning processes, as an element that helps to tear down geographical and cultural barriers. As of today (with the 3rd Edition of the project concluded), 13 Latin American countries and Spain, and some 280 schools, have taken part in the initiative, bringing together almost 11,000 children with the support of nearly 330 volunteers.

Other Fundación Telefónica speakers at the seminar included Javier González Casado, in charge of Knowledge Management, who discussed the report “Aprender con tecnología. Investigación internacional sobre modelos educativos de futuro (Learning with technology. International Research on Future Education Models)" - published in the Fundación Telefónica / Ariel Collection -, and Susana Torrubiano, Project Manager, whose presentation focused on the “Nazareth Project and TPACK Methodology”.